3D Shapes Interactive Book Bundle ~Digital Download~

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3D Interactive Book Bundle (7 Books)

Includes Color & Black and White version for each shape.

7 Color 3D Shape Books (Laminate, Bind and add Velcro to make Interactive Books)

7 Black & White 3D Shape Books (Print & Staple to make Cut & Paste Books).

Cone Book (8 Shapes)

Cube Book (8 Shapes)

Cylinder Book (8 Shapes)

Rectangle Prism Book (8 Shapes)

Pyramid Book (6 Shapes)

Sphere Book (8 Shapes)

Triangular Prism Book (6 Shapes)

Shape books come with two sets of cards: Word and Shape Picture & Word Only.

*Please note - I understand some people have different opinions on the Cone & Cylinder shapes Faces, Edges, and Vertices. If you teach something different than what I have in my books please contact me and I will make the change for you.

Cone - 1 Face, 0 Edges, 1 Vertex

Cylinder - 2 Faces, 0 Edges, 0 Vertices

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