Action Verb Card Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Help your students learn about Action Verbs with these colorful flashcards.

This product contains:

  • 150 flashcards - labeled with present tense verbs.
  • 150 flashcards - labeled with base verb only.
  • running, eating, singing, jumping, laughing, reading, waving, climbing, hugging, riding, throwing, catching, walking, swimming, blowing, pointing, sleeping, drinking, kicking, listening, dancing, watching, hopping, standing, sitting, writing, hiding, cooking, crying, drawing, swinging, coloring, painting, cutting, pushing, pulling, screaming, smiling, carrying, talking, building, giving, learning, clapping, frowning, playing, hanging, sharing, stretching, and bullying.
  • combing, brushing, fighting, mixing, training, hitting, tasting, baking, chasing, kissing, dropping, tying, tickling, licking, smelling, falling, knocking, spitting, whispering, splashing, bouncing, shaking, biting, dressing, pouring, folding, shaving, melting, shopping, studying, texting, mowing, sliding, skating, opening, picking, holding, fixing, fastening, washing, buttoning, zipping, feeding, petting, ironing, helping, raking, thinking, shouting, and drying.
  • sneezing, whistling, cheering, looking, lifting, jogging, wiping, tackling, dipping, counting, knitting, tossing, skiing, wrapping, typing, surfing, celebrating, sweating, snorkeling, relaxing, unwrapping, vacuuming, shoveling, driving, watering, rolling, packing, stacking, bathing, winning, crawling, cuddling, rubbing, grabbing, sledding, napping, flying, reaching, moving, yawning, spinning, pouting, sucking, sweeping, bending, mopping, cleaning, breaking, brushing, and punching.

These flashcards can easily be cut to remove the labels.

Cards with labels approximate size 3 1/2 x 5

Cards without labels approximate size 3 1/2 x 4

This item uses real photos that are realistic to everyday life. Some kids relate better to real pictures instead of drawn pictures.

Pictures show children performing each action.

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