Analogies Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Analogies Bundle (4 Sets)

Analogy Set 1

Four Analogy Boards with 28 Analogies


a hair brush is to hair/ as a toothbrush is to TEETH

a mouth is on a person/ a beak is on a BIRD

a trunk is on a tree/ a stem is on a FLOWER


Analogy Set 2

Four Analogy Boards with 28 Analogies.


cheese is on pizza/ frosting is on CAKE

gloves are worn on your hands/ socks are worn on your FEET

soup is cooked in a pot/ bread is cooked in a TOASTER


Analogies Set 3

Six Analogy Boards with 42 Analogies


A lime is green and a lemon is YELLOW

Grapes grow on a vine and apples grow on TREES

Eyes are for seeing and ears are for HEARING


Analogies Set 4

Six Analogy Boards with 42 Analogies


Scream is to loud as whisper is to QUIET

Cry is to sad as laugh is to HAPPY

Fireworks are to Fourth of July as costumes are to HALLOWEEN


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