Classroom Activity Center Instruction Cards ~Digital Download~

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Classroom Activity Center Instruction Cards

69 Instruction Cards (Prints 6 cards per page)

These cards are perfect for kids who need visual supports in the classroom.

Cards Include: Alphabetical Order, Check, Circle, Count, Cross Out, Cut x 2, Daub, Draw, Fold, Glue, Highlight, Imagine, Lace, Listen, Look, Make Pattern, Match, Match number with the picture, Match number with frame, Match upper and lowercase, Match the picture with the word, Measure in centimeters, Measure in inches, Numerical Order, Put Away, Quiet, Read in your head, Read out loud, Read together, Tear, Roll Playdough, Share, Sort, Spell, Stack, Stamp, Staple, Tape, Think x 2, Trace, Underline, Use Headphones, Wipe, Write, Write Name, Color Black, Color Blue, Color Brown, Color Green, Color Orange, Color Pink, Color Purple, Color Red, Color Yellow and Color.

1st Update: Color White, Color Gray, Push pin, Make puzzle, Spin, Paint with cotton swab, Two finger space after word, One finger space after word, Point, and Use pencil.

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