Classroom Job Cards ~Digital Download~

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Classroom Job Cards

36 Classroom Job cards

Space below the job picture to write the students name with a wet erase marker.

5 x 3 3/4

If you do not need the space for the names, you can cut that part off on the black solid line.

5 x 2 3/4

Jobs: snack helper-messenger-class monitor-door holder-table washer-weather reporter-calendar helper-floor sweeper-pencil sharpener- plant helper-caboose-teacher helper-line leader-paper collector & passer- pet helper-lights monitor-job substitute-supply monitor-class librarian-flag holder-bathroom monitor (girl)-party planner-bathroom monitor (boy)-greeter-computer helper-class photographer-chair stacker-boarder eraser-trash helper-phone monitor-recycling helper-job vacation-lunchbox monitor-line counter-lunch counter-date stamper.

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