Cuisenaire Rods Picture Fun: Christmas ~Digital Download~

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Cuisenaire Rods Picture Fun: Christmas

Level 1 - Match the colored rods to the picture. (Color - Full Page)

Level 2 - Find the correct sized rods to create the picture. (Color and Black & White - Full Page)

Each picture comes with an answer sheet to fill out. (Color - 1/2 page sheets)

How many of each rod did you use?

How many rods in all?

Use Cuisenaire Rods to recreate each design. This is a great activity to work on fine motor, spatial awareness, and critical thinking.

Full page mats - Place the rods right on the mats. Laminate the mats for durability.

This set comes with 10 different pictures.

Pictures include: gingerbread house, ornament, present, reindeer, Santa, Santa hat, Santa (Head), stocking, Christmas light, and Christmas tree.

Please note - The pictures you are building with the Cuisenaire Rods will not be realistic colors. For example an apple will not be red, it will be made up of several different colors.

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