Feed the Bunny Activity ~Digital Download~

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Feed The Bunny Activity

This is a fun Easter activity for kids.

Lay some picture cards out in front of the Bunny and tell them what to feed him.

Feed the Bunny the carrot with the circle on it.

Feed the Bunny the blue carrot.

Feed the Bunny four cookies.

Feed the Bunny the egg with the number 6 on it.

You can add your own picture cards to expand on this lesson.


1 Bunny, 11 color carrots, 13 carrots with shapes, 10 eggs with numbers, 7 colored peeps, and 9 cookie designs.

This activity works on:

Following Directions

Identifying Objects





and much more.

You can attach the Bunny to a box.

Picture cards 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 - Bunny 10 1/4

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