Feed the Groundhog ~Digital Download~

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Feed the Groundhog Cut-Out

This is a fun activity for kids.

Lay some picture cards out in front of the groundhog and tell them what to feed him.


Foods that the Groundhog actual eats (Fruits, Vegetables, Insects, Leaves, and Plants)

Other fun foods (groundhogs don't eat)

Smaller versions of some of the foods the groundhog eats (work on small and big)

Leaves with the numbers 1-12

Leaves with colors on them

Leaves with shapes on them

Feed the groundhog a fruit.

Feed the groundhog the small carrot

Feed the groundhog a dessert

Feed the groundhog an insect

Feed the groundhog the leaf with the square on it

Work on:

Food Groups

Size (big & small)



Numbers (1-12)


and more...

You can also expand this activity with picture cards you already have.

You can attach the groundhog to a box or bag.

Picture cards 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 - Groundhog 9 1/4

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