Pattern Block Puzzles: Transportation - Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Pattern Block Puzzles: Transportation Bundle

Air - Water - Land - Accessories

(3 Levels - Color and Black & White)

Use pattern blocks to recreate each design. This is a great activity to work on fine motor, spatial awareness, critical thinking, and shape recognition skills.

Full page mats - Place the pattern blocks right on the mats.

The direction cards print 3 per page and are numbered to match the full page mats.

I like to place the full page mats in page protectors and the direction card for each mat on the back side.

This set comes with 40 different pictures with three different levels of difficulty.

Water: cruise ship, yacht, steamboat, sailboat, boat, toy boat, canoe, airboat, jet ski, and submarine.

Air: airplane, biplane, jet, spaceship, UFO, hot air balloon, parachute, rocket, helicopter, and blimp.

Land: bicycle, truck, hang glider, scooter, motorcycle, RV, bus, car, train, and van.

Accessories: arrow, arrow 2, traffic cone, gas can, hubcap, racing flags, reflector sign, stop sign, tire, and traffic light.

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