Picture Icons Schedule Cards Starter Set - Digital Download

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Picture Icons Starter Set 1 (Boardmaker PCS)

This is a great starter set for home use.

You can even put together a complete daily schedule for your child with the pictures from this set.

Picture Cards are 2 X 2.

140 Picture Icons include:

breakfast, medicine, make bed, get dressed, bath, shower, brush teeth, floss teeth, brush hair, comb hair, wash hair, wash hands, school, potty, change diaper, put on glasses, nap, pick up, play, change clothes, dinner, haircut, backpack, put on shoes, put on coat, go for a walk, ride bike, homework, movie theater, watch TV, computer, video games, play outside, bubbles, play in pool, play in sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, listen to music, ride bus, take a break, snack, lunch, read, set table, clear table, time out, playground, clean room, car ride, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, doctor visit, dentist office, no school, visit, shopping, library, babysitter, restaurant, hamburger, hot dog, pizza grilled cheese, corn dog, chicken nuggets, Spaghettios, ravioli, peanut butter & jelly, French fries, hash browns, onion rings, sandwich, soup, ramen, waffles, scrambled eggs, fried egg, pancakes, cereal, toast, fried chicken, potato chips, cheese curls, corn chips, pretzels, fish crackers, tortilla chips, Coca-Cola, milk, 7-Up, apple juice, chocolate milk, Kool-Aid, juice, Pepsi, water, Sprite, juice box, grape juice, put on pajamas, bedtime story, go to sleep, one-on-one work, wash face, church, popcorn, color, swing, Simon says, free time, sing, toys, sandbox, soccer, karaoke, board games, play dough, play date, trampoline, wait, stop, my turn, hungry, thirsty, I'm full, yes, no, more, thank you, please, excuse me, home, watch video, I want, help, all done, later, wipe face, and eat.

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PCS, Copyright 1981-2019 by TobiiDynavox.

All rights reserved worldwide. Used with permission.

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