Playdough Mats & Visual Cards: Alphabet Pictures Bundle ~Digital Download~

Playdough Mats & Visual Cards: Alphabet Pictures Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Playdough Mats & Visual Cards - Alphabet Picture Bundle

Includes a set of Color and Black & White Cards and Mats.

The cards print 4 per page and the mats are full page.

104 Color Cards (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)
104 Color Mats (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)
104 Black & White Cards (78 Pictures / 26 Letters) 
104 Black & White Mats (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)

Each letter of the alphabet has 3 picture cards + upper case letter card.

Please note that some picture cards included in this bundle may already be in some of my other sets.

Pictures Included in Bundle:
Letter A Pictures: Ax, airplane, Acorn, and A
Letter B Pictures: Baseball Bat, Balloon, Book, and B
Letter C Pictures: Candle, Crab, Cookie, and C
Letter D Pictures: Donut, Dolphin, Die, and D
Letter E Pictures: Eel, Ear, Earth, and E
Letter F Pictures: Fire, Fern, Fan, and F
Letter G Pictures: Gate, Glue, Gumball, and G
Letter H Pictures: Hand, House, Hut, and H
Letter I Pictures: Ice Cream, Ice Cube, Iron, and I
Letter J Pictures: Jacket, Jam, Jelly Bean, and J
Letter K Pictures: Kettle, Kite, Kiwi, and K
Letter L Pictures: Ladder, Leaf, Light Bulb, and L
Letter M Pictures: Magnet, Mouth, Mushroom, and M
Letter N Pictures: Nest, Nine, Nut, and N
Letter O Pictures: Octopus, Olive, Onion, and O
Letter P Pictures: Pickel, Pizza, Purse, and P
Letter Q Pictures: Quail, Queen, Question Mark, and Q
Letter R Pictures: Radish, Ring, Rocket, and R
Letter S Pictures: Snail, Snake, Spider, and S
Letter T Pictures: Ten, Tank, Turtle, and T
Letter U Pictures: UFO, Umbrella, Unicycle, and U
Letter V Pictures: Vase, Vine, Violin, and V
Letter W Pictures: Wagon, Wand, Window, and W
Letter X Pictures: X-Ray, Xylophone, Six, and X
Letter Y Pictures: Yo-Yo, Yogurt, Yarn, and Y
Letter Z Pictures: Zero, Zig Zag, Zucchini, and Z

Print on heavy card stock and laminate or use page protectors on the full sheets.

The cards can be used as a visual when creating with playdough or your students can use the mats and create right on top of them.

This is a fun hands-on fine motor skills activity.

This is would be great for Any Child, especially those with Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger's, Speech Delay, etc... 

The purchaser is granted permission to download and print this item for noncommercial individual or single classroom use only. This file and finished product is not to be shared or resold.

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