Playdough Mats & Visual Cards: Alphabet Pictures Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Playdough Mats & Visual Cards - Alphabet Picture Bundle

Includes a set of Color and Black & White Cards and Mats.

The cards print 4 per page and the mats are full page.

104 Color Cards (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)

104 Color Mats (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)

104 Black & White Cards (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)

104 Black & White Mats (78 Pictures / 26 Letters)

Each letter of the alphabet has 3 picture cards + upper case letter card.

Please note that some picture cards included in this bundle may already be in some of my other sets.

Pictures Included in Bundle:

Letter A Pictures: Ax, airplane, Acorn, and A

Letter B Pictures: Baseball Bat, Balloon, Book, and B

Letter C Pictures: Candle, Crab, Cookie, and C

Letter D Pictures: Donut, Dolphin, Die, and D

Letter E Pictures: Eel, Ear, Earth, and E

Letter F Pictures: Fire, Fern, Fan, and F

Letter G Pictures: Gate, Glue, Gumball, and G

Letter H Pictures: Hand, House, Hut, and H

Letter I Pictures: Ice Cream, Ice Cube, Iron, and I

Letter J Pictures: Jacket, Jam, Jelly Bean, and J

Letter K Pictures: Kettle, Kite, Kiwi, and K

Letter L Pictures: Ladder, Leaf, Light Bulb, and L

Letter M Pictures: Magnet, Mouth, Mushroom, and M

Letter N Pictures: Nest, Nine, Nut, and N

Letter O Pictures: Octopus, Olive, Onion, and O

Letter P Pictures: Pickel, Pizza, Purse, and P

Letter Q Pictures: Quail, Queen, Question Mark, and Q

Letter R Pictures: Radish, Ring, Rocket, and R

Letter S Pictures: Snail, Snake, Spider, and S

Letter T Pictures: Ten, Tank, Turtle, and T

Letter U Pictures: UFO, Umbrella, Unicycle, and U

Letter V Pictures: Vase, Vine, Violin, and V

Letter W Pictures: Wagon, Wand, Window, and W

Letter X Pictures: X-Ray, Xylophone, Six, and X

Letter Y Pictures: Yo-Yo, Yogurt, Yarn, and Y

Letter Z Pictures: Zero, Zig Zag, Zucchini, and Z

Print on heavy card stock and laminate or use page protectors on the full sheets.

The cards can be used as a visual when creating with playdough or your students can use the mats and create right on top of them.

This is a fun hands-on fine motor skills activity.

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