Playdough Mats & Visual Cards: Parts of the House ~Digital Download~

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Playdough Mats & Visual Cards - Native Parts of the House

Includes a set of Color and Black & White Cards and Mats.

The cards print 4 per page and the mats are full page.

This set includes: bed, (2)cribs, bookcase, table and chairs, chair, computer, couch, desk, office chair, dresser, end table, floor lamp, (2) table lamps, rocking chair, refrigerator, stove, mirror, television, shower, sink, bath tub, toilet, towel rack, washing machine, and dryer.

27 Color Cards

27 Color Mats

26 Black & White Cards

26 Black & White Mats

Print on heavy card stock and laminate or use page protectors on the full sheets.

The cards can be used as a visual when creating with playdough or your students can use the mats and create right on top of them.

This is a fun hands-on fine motor skills activity.

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