Visual Discrimination Matching Workbook - Fall ~Digital Download~

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Visual Discrimination Matching Worksheets - Fall

Visual discrimination is the ability to recognize similarities and differences between shapes, sizes, colors, objects, and patterns. Mastering this skill forms the foundation for sorting, matching, and categorizing.  Visual discrimination skills are essential for educational activities like reading, spelling, and mathematics where students need to notice small differences in letters and numbers.

Teaching visual discrimination skills is all about helping children pay attention to detail.

This set contains 15 black & white worksheets in two different formats.

Each worksheet has 8 similar images to match.

2 Formats:

15 Cut & Paste Worksheets (Black & White pages + Color Cover page)

15 Interactive Pages - Laminate and add Velcro. Storage area provided on the bottom of each page for answer cards. (Black & White pages + Color Cover page)

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