Yoga - Brain Break - Exercise - Fitness Card Bundle ~Digital Download~

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Yoga Cards & Posters for Kids

Yoga Cards (46) Prints 4 per page

Posters (46) Full Page

Poses include:

Bird, Cat (leg up), Cat (arching back), Cobra, Fish, Hare, Pretzel, Table, Tree, Turtle, Bridge, Candle, Dog, Frog, Lion (curled), Lion (stretched), Mouse, Shark, Waterfall, Windmill, Butterfly, Child's Pose, Dragon, Kneeling, Moon, Mountain, Seahorse, Sticky man, Chair, Flower, Giraffe, House, Owl, Sleeping, Star, Airplane, Airplane (leg up), Boat, Dancer Pose, Dolphin, Dolphin (leg up), Lizard, Pigeon, Standing Foward, Turtle (side view), and Turtle (front view).


Brain Break Cards & Posters for Kids

Brain Break Cards (16) Prints 4 per page

Posters (16) Full Page

Brain Breaks are a great way to get kids up and moving so they can regain focus after long periods of sitting.

Studies have shown that brain breaks help stimulate the brain.

Cards include:

Carrying heavy books, Clenching hands and feet, Eagle Arm stretch, Push-ups, Pushing Wall, Tree Pose, Under weighted blanket, Warrior pose on chair, balancing using chair, Balloon breath, Blowing, Eyes Closed, Leaning on wall, Twist on chair, and Yoga ball.


Exercise Cards & Posters for Kids

Exercise Cards (20) Prints 4 per page

Posters (20) Full Page

Cards include:

Donkey Kick, Elbows to knees, Jack Knife Sit Ups, Leg raise (standing), Modified push-ups, Push Up, Side Lunge, Side Plank, Sit up, Superman, Toe Stand, Bicycle, Bird Dog, Crunch, curl, High Knees, Jumping Jack, Leg Raise, Lunge, Plank, Squat, and Wall Push.


Fitness Kids & Posters for Kids

Fitness Cards (9) Prints 4 per page

Posters (9) Full Page

Cards include:

Riding bike, Jumping on trampoline, Playing with ball, Running, Running on a treadmill, Jumping rope, Swimming, Lifting weights, and Yoga ball

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